How To Use Android Pay For Fast And Secure Payments

How To Use Android Pay For Fast And Secure Payments

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You must have seen many people paying for items with their smartphones. The credit goes to mobile payment services like Android Pay. With the coming of Android Pay, you no more need to carry your credit  and debit cards with you, they all are their in your smartphone. Doing all your payments through your smartphone can be very convenient, and you should give it a try. If you don’t know how, then don’t worry, here we will tell you how to use android pay.

At its 2015 I/O developer conference, Google announced Android Pay. It was launched officially on September 11, 2015 in the US. Android Pay being a successor of the older Google Wallet, is a full mobile payment system. It has been designed in order to let people purchase items and services online and in the real world as well. It is now available from banks and other financial institutions in the Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, U.K and U.S.A . A recent report claimed that Google will launch Google Tez as a separate payment service in India. It will work with the Indian government’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Before you start using Android Pay, you need to set it up, follow these below mentioned steps for that :

1) Contact your bank – Contact your bank or financial institution and enquire them if they support Android Pay. If they do, then you can move towards the other steps.

2) Get the Android Pay App – If you have bought a new smartphone recently, then there are chances that the app came pre-installed on your new smartphone. If it is not so, then don’t worry, just go to the Play Store and install it from there.

3) Add a credit or debit card – Once installed, open the app and hit the “+” sign. Now you have to add a credit or debit card. You can add supported gift cards to your Android Pay account as well. If you used your credit or debit card to purchase any item or service via google, then you may find that your credit card or debit card is automatically added to your Android Pay account.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used by Google’s payment services. The user stores his credit or debit card information on his Android Pay account. When he wants to make the payment for an item or service, they he just takes his phone and places it over the retailer’s Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal. A POS terminal is mobile payment gateway, that a retailer can use to accept payments via cards. The NFC hardware in the phone sends the payment information from the phone to the POS terminal. There are some NFC-enabled ATMs where the user can use Android Pay to get cash money from the his bank account. He can do all this without having to pull out his credit or debit card from his wallet.

To use Android Pay for making your payments, you need to follow these steps :

1) Unlock your phone – There’s no need to open the Android Pay App to make payment, but its necessary to keep the phone screen on and the phone unlocked.

2) Hold the back of your phone close to the terminal for a moment – If Android Pay successfully send the payment info, then you will see a green check mark.

3) n case you don’t see one – Hold your phone in a different way. The NFC antenna is mostly at the top or bottom of the device. Hold your phone a little more closer to the terminal. Hold it for some more time.

4) If you see a check mark but the cashier says that the payment didn’t work – Enquire him/her that the store accepts mobile payments or not. Ensure that your card information in Android Pay App is up to date.

5) If the payment went ok – Follow the same instructions that you do when you slide your card.

6) For Debit cards – Enter the PIN that you have set up with your bank. For Credit cards – Sign the receipt or sign in the signature box on the terminal and you are done.

You can store and use a number of gift cards and retailer rewards cards on your Android Pay account. In case you want an additional amount of security, you can set up Fingerprint lock. If your phone came with a fingerprint scanner, then it can be used to verify the payments in the app itself. If you don’t have a fingerprint scanner on your phone, then you can type in a passcode to do the same work.

Android Pay ensures security of your personal and financial information. When you use your phone to make a payment via Android Pay, then a 16-digit randomly generated number is sent, rather than your personal info and credit card info. This ensures that your financial and personal info will always be safe, even if that terminal that you used is hacked. The 16-digit random number is stored on a cloud server and not on your phone, this ensures an extra level of protection. Payments can’t be sent if your phone is locked and your account stays safe.

All your doubts regarding how to use android pay must have been clear now. Android Pay is really like a boon. You no more need to carry all your cards with you. Carrying the cards wherever you go, has always been a kind of risky work. Now you can be free from that headache of carrying all your cards with you. Just add them to your Android Pay account and carry them everywhere, right in your smartphone. With so many levels of high security, your data will always be safe and secure. No more worrying about getting your financial details hacked when you pay with your cards. Android Pay has really made things easier, comfortable and secure.

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