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How To Ask Rich People for Money Online in Emergency

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There are many ineffective strategies to become a millionaire, but the following methods do work. Perhaps your teachers and parents say,”There are no quick ways to get rich, the only way to make money is through hard work and determination.” Of course not! Rather than trying procedures, try the following strategies to ask rich people for money online.

Send a sincere letter

Visit the Forbes website or another similar one and examine the list of the richest people. It may be useful to choose lists based on a common language with millionaires. Write the full names of all of the people that you want to contact, in addition to the names of the firms in which they work (if they are mentioned). The richest and strongest folks maintain their contact information secret for obvious reasons. As a result, the best thing you can do is write a letter”to the interest of” your enterprise headquarters. For instance, to write a letter to Bill Gates, you can direct it to:”William Gates, President, to the attention of Microsoft Corporation,” etc..

ask rich people for money online
An exception may be if you live or know somebody who lives in the neighborhoods of the rich and famous. Tour buses often visit the homes of stars, so in this case it is easy to determine their addresses.

Write a letter describing why you need $100. If you would like to tempt fate, you can request an amount over $ 1,000. Do not lie in the letter or invent stories to shame, but it would constitute a fraud. Try to be fair and courteous If you write the letter.
You can also write a funny letter. If the man who reads the letter laugh is made by you, you’re going to achieve your objective.

Alter the letter before it is perfect. Then give it to a friend to read it and edit it, because it is important that you get a different perspective. Using a photocopier is the most economical option, although you’re more likely to have results if you personalize each letter. For those who have enter the addresses and names in the database and execute that function.

Put the letters in stamped and addressed envelopes. Write the address on the front of the letter so that it reaches a wealthy person and remember that the sender’s address.

Send the letter and wait. You will begin receiving the money on your mail in a brief time. Obviously not all of the people you contact will be kind enough to send you the money. However, if you send 100 letters and only 3 people give you $100, it means it is possible to make money! Now that you’ve got the money, you can do one of the following items:
Save the money
Invest to try to earn more money.
In the event you received a check signed by a famous person, you may sell your autograph online (do it only if it doesn’t conflict with something you promised or confirmed in the correspondence ).

Ask for cash on Pinterest or other Social Media profile


Open an account on Pinterest (if You Don’t have one). Pinterest is a social network where you can set visual markers (or”hooks”) to a digital board. People use Pinterest for many reasons and one of them is currently asking for money. Simply write that phrase in English along with the word”Pinterest” in a search engine to find the board. You ask for amounts of money and will see hundreds of hooks.
Publish your petition Write your story and the total amount of money you desire. Be specific, as it is ideal to publish detailed information about you and the reasons why you need the money. If you can back your story with details, it will be far better. Just remember that millionaires are more likely to give you the cash if they believe in your story you ask and feel moved. To receive it, provide as many details as possible.
Some people even get to the point of creating their own website. While you don’t need to, it’s possible that a site creates a better impression than a lone pin on Pinterest.
Wait for your lucky break. Now comes the most difficult part: wait. It’s true that it is unlikely that a millionaire will provide you for. There is a possibility, that’s the reason you should not give up. Pins and the more cards you prepare, the more likely you are to achieve your objective.


Rich people will feel more motivated to help you financially if they sympathize with your goals or interests.
Always send a thank you note, whatever the sum of money the other person provides you.
Older people like young enthusiasts.
Mention in the letter the destiny of money, as an example, purchase a piano or something similar.
Remember that the more you give, the more you receive.
If you’re cute, send an image of yourself.
Instead of composing a physical letter, it is possible to send an email. It’s faster and you’ll save money.

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