Beginner’s Guide To Credit Cards: Numbers,CVV & Working

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We write this Beginner’s Guide To Credit Cards to help newbie to understand what is credit,How credit card works and other important details about credit card.

Folks, as we all know that we are living in a speed getting life and it becoming advance day by day. One of the modern trends you will find everywhere is people start using credit card in their wallet instead of money. Credit card is becoming trending because it makes the payment life easy for us also it give some financial independence. It is helpful not only because it is easy to convey but also it give you right to purchase something in something emergency.

There are some consequences also with credit card that you should know and below in this article you will get all the help related to credit card. It’s not even good to choose any credit card without knowing much about it. So, if you are going to have a credit card then you are on correct place to know about it.

Beginner's Guide To Credit Cards

What is Credit Card?

Standard-estimate plastic token, with an attractive stripe that holds a machine clear code. Credit cards are a helpful substitute for money or check and a basic part of the electronic trade and web business. Credit Card holders (who may pay yearly administration charges) draw on a credit restrict affirmed by the card-backer, for example, a bank, store, or specialist co-op for instance. Cardholders typically should pay for Mastercard buys inside 30 days of buying to maintain a strategic distance from additionally punishments.

A Mastercard can use to make buys, decrease the cost of costly obligation or debt and to get rewards and cash back. It is basically a sort of credit, where the cash you spend on your card is obtained from a loan specialist, for example, a bank or building society.Read the complete  information about credit card.

Credit Card Pros and Cons:-


It enhances our purchasing power: – It gives you purchasing power, with the help of this you can purchase a thing from local stores, online, through your smartphone and at stores.

Easy to use than cash: – If we compare credit card with cash, credit cards are must faster to use because in the case of cash sometimes you have to shuffle for change but with a credit card you can pay the exact amount.

No need to carry cash when you go out: – Now a day every shopping place, resto etc accepting credit cards so you don’t have to carry cash with you which is undoubtedly annoying. And neither you have to go for atm for withdrawing cash.


Interest on spends: –  it is most important cons of credit card is paying interest back. The high rate of APR makes you deeper in debt if you don’t pay off interest quickly. There are a couple of alternatives.

It reduces your future wage: – Each time you utilize a credit card you’re getting for cash that you haven’t earned. A part of your future wage needs to go toward repaying your charge card adjust, in the event that you need to secure your credit. 

How to choose a credit card?

There are some facts that you have to keep in mind before choosing credit card and that is mention below:-

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): – This is the cost of obtaining the card, in the event that you don’t pay the entire adjust off every month. You can think about the APR for various cards which will help you to pick the least expensive. You ought to likewise think about different things about the cards, for instance, expenses, charges, and motivating forces

Yearly charge: – Some credit card charges amount for using it for a whole year, you can take a look at this charges before choosing any card.

Initial loan fees

Money back: – Ensure that how much return they will give you when you will shop through credit card. 

Credit card information:-

There are few thing in the credit card like its number, CVV, and its expiry date. Credit card number you can use it via shopping online just put your pin while doing it. CVV number is important that gives your credit card a different identity. And expiry date means on which date your credit card will expire and then you have to renew it.

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