Best cashback credit cards

The Best Cashback Credit Cards of 2019

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Find out best cashback credit cards of 2019 and grab exclusive deals and bonus offers.Help you get cash back with no annual fee.Credit cards with cash back are best for everyone including student, average people, businessman.

Credit card companies often charge you with a fee on a monthly or annual basis and sometimes also on every transaction. Adding that to the penalty that you will incur in case you fail to pay back the monthly payment on time makes credit card a very risky asset to have in one’s pocket. But if used in a very planned and decent manner, credit cards can not only help you in gaining credit when in an emergency but can also help you in actually make some profit from your credit card.

These profits from credit cards come in terms of cash back. You may not be very familiar with the concept of cash back for credit card transactions, as not all lenders who issue credit cards offer cash back on the usage of the credit card. But if your lender does offer cash back on credit card, then using it wisely would help you in gaining back some credits when you make payments for groceries, fuel, ticket bookings etc.

Nowadays the concept of cash back from credit cards are becoming really popular and most of the people who are getting themselves a new credit card in today’s time opt to go with the highest cash back credit card in the market so as to gain maximum profit for each credit transaction.

Best cashback credit cards

Why is Cash Back Credit Cards Really Popular?

So as mentioned above, cash back credit cards are really popular these days. What exactly is the reason?

Well, even a few years back, lenders used to reward credit card holders with reward points and MILES points, which could only be redeemed in selected stores and websites and the value of the points accumulated largely varied between lenders.

When it comes to the selecting best cashback credit cards, the main benefit of choosing one of the best credit cards  for cash back is that in cash back credit cards the reward provided by the lender is actually a percentage of the credits you have spent using your credit card. This percentage being actual credits is usually deposited back to your credit limit or bank account or even at times provided to you as a cheque. This cashback cards are good for people with excellent credit,bad credit , no credit & those who loves to travel.

Best Credit Cards for Cash Back:

If you are now interested in getting yourself a best cashback credit cards, then below are some of the best cash back credit cards offers and deals to get cash back rewards of 2017.

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited Cash Back Credit Card:

The Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card is one of the most widely chosen cash back credit cards out there. The main highlight of this credit card is that it offers 1.5% cash back on every purchase with no limits on the cash back that can be earned. And the cash back you earn can be exchanged for equivalent cash or can be used to purchase anything from the official portal of Chase Ultimate Rewards.

  1. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Cash Back Credit Card:

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred cash back credit card is really popular among people who use their credit cards a lot in gas stations and supermarkets as the credit card offers 6% in cash back for every transaction done in supermarkets until an annual limit of $6000 in spending is reached. You still do get cash back after you cross the annual $6000 limit, however, the cash back is then restricted to just 1% per transaction and there is no limit thereafter. On the other hand, if you use the credit card on gas stations or department stores, then you get 3% as cash back for every dollar you spend and there is no limit here as well. On all purchases other than in supermarkets, department stores, and gas stations, you will receive 1% of the transaction amount as cash back. All the cash back you earn with the American Express Blue Cash Preferred credit card is deposited as a statement credit.

Discover it Cash Back Credit Card:

The Discover it cash back credit card offers its customers with 5% in cash back every quarterly in rotating categories until the $1500 limit is reached in combined. After the limit is crossed, 1% in cash back for every transaction that is done using the credit card. The main highlight though, is that at the end of the first year after signing up for this credit card, Discover it will match 1:1 for the cash back that you have earned throughout the year.

Final Words:

Did this article help you find the best credit cards for cash back as per your requirements? If it did then do share this article and in case you have any doubts regarding the best cashback credit cards out there, do leave your questions as comments below or contact us and we will help you out in the best way possible.


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