How to make income after retirement

How to make income after retirement

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Retirement is the time to rest. Enjoying your old age is what retirement is for. After working so long who doesn’t wants some good rest in their old age. When we retire then the only income we have is the pension that comes on monthly basis, but sometimes its not enough. Money is never enough, it always falls sort for one and the other thing. And the other thing is that many people don’t like sitting idle after retirement. Many of them wonder of how to make income after retirement. Don’t worry, here we will tell you the ways through which you can earn some good amount if cash even after your retirement.

how to make income after retirement

  • Rent Your Space – Airbnb is an online platform through which you can earn money by renting out your extra space. It’s the best example of the share economy and currently spreads over 192 countries. You can rent a single room or even your whole house which you don’t live in anymore.
  • Rent a Grandma – You can use two of your virtues, love and wisdom to earn some money. Just upload your profile on the Rent a Grandma website and start getting jobs from many families for childcare, tutoring, etc. You can negotiate about the job responsibilities and payments with the families.
  • Do International Housesitting – If you love going places and eating exotic foods, then you would love to do House sitting. Many people are making money by travelling through housesitting websites. You can stay in exotic locations without paying a penny and still you can make money with it.
  • Sell Your Photos – Shutterstock and other stock photo sites can be a big moneymaker for you. If you have a good digital camera and you are good at taking pictures, then you should sell them.
  • Get Paid for Copywriting – London Brokers, Copify and Indeed are a few online copywriting websites through which you can make money by copywriting. You can also check Upwork for copywriting jobs.
  • Sell Handmade Products Online – Open your own store on Etsy and start selling your handmades online. Etsy empowers those creative people who are willing to work as solo entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to work from.
  • Sell Custom Products Online – Get on Cafe Press or Zazzle, open a store and choose the products that you want to sell, and get paid.
  • Try Freelance Tutoring – There are many students who need tutoring in specific subjects. You can be a freelance tutor and teach many students through virtual sessions and get paid well for it. You really need to have good knowledge in the subject that you want to teach.
  • Start Blogging – Blogging, if done properly can earn you good amount of money. You will need to build up your blog and invest proper time in it and then you can surely make money out of it.
  • Mystery Shopping – If you love shopping, then you can start as a mystery shopper. There are thousands of such companies which pay you to shop the business of their clients. The companies gather feedbacks from you about their client’s business.
  • Try Pet Sitting- If you love pets and want to transform that love into genuine business, then you should start as a Pet sitter. This way you will be paid just for spreading your love and care to those pets, that’s hell of a satisfying job.
  • Become a Local Guide – Your unique perceptions, combined with the knowledge of your community, can be used to earn money as a local guide. Use all your knowledge of your community and make a thematic tour.
  • Try Contract Consulting – If you have had a past in the corporate sector, then you can here share your expertise and leadership and turn it into money. Social-purpose organizations recruit people with enough experiences in corporate sector, to guide them and help them grow better.
  • Rent Your Parking Space – If you have an empty garage, a side driveway, or an empty parking pad, then you can think of renting it. Websites like Parking Panda will let you list your parking space for free. They will charge a very small percentage of your rental fee and send you the remaining amount.
  • Teach at a Senior Center – If you have special talents in music, performance art or visual art then you can offer paid classes at the senior centers.
  • Be a Mentor for Teens – You can lead a summer trip of teens with Bold Earth. It will be a fun adventure and will provide you good income too.
  • Self-Publish Your Own Book – If you are good at writing and have a good idea for a book, then just start writing it. Complete your book and self-publish it. A good book will get you a good response and money too.
  • Freelance Writer – If you have a keen interest in writing, then there are many ways through which you can use it to make money. Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, etc are the websites where you can work as a freelancer for people all around the globe and make hell alot of money with it. As a freelancer you can decide when you will work and how much orders will you take, everything will be in your own hands. If you are ready to spend a good amount of time in it then you will surely make a huge amount of income with it.
  • Try Life Coaching – With all your lifetime experiences and wisdom, you can be a perfect life coach. Many people are seeking for coaches to help them in issues of work, relationships, personal development, etc. Just decide what you are best at and start as life coach in that area.

All your doubts about how to make income after retirement must have been clear now. So, don’t let your old age stop you from fulfilling your wants. Money won’t be a problem anymore, spend your time in any of these works or a group of them. Choose as your preference and start making money out of it


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