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How To Make Money On Fiverr 2019

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Learn how to make money on fiverr with step by step guide.This include find work on fiverr, setup gig and do marketing of your gig.Many people make serious money from fiverr. You can make very good income on fiverr.

Online money making is the trend nowadays and there are many ways through which you can earn money online.We write post on how to start online business with

You can create your own venture online by starting an online business or even by blogging, and if you are not interested in taking your own risks when it comes to online money making, then you can also opt to join online sources where you can showcase your skills and get hired by people for freelance contracts.

Out of all such online sources, Fiverr is one of the best and quite popular online websites to get yourself some freelance gigs. Many people are nowadays searching on how to make money from Fiverr and if you are one among those interested in making money from Fiverr, then today we are here with a few different tips to help you easily make money from Fiverr.Their are many other ways to make money online without investing money such as completing paid survey, selling courses on udemy, make money on facebook,make money on youtube.

How Does Fiverr Work?

how to make money on fiverr

If you are a newbie in Fiverr then before sharing tips on how to make money from Fiverr, you should be familiar with the working of Fiverr.

Each gig listed on Fiverr costs $5 each. You can sell any of your skills online via Fiverr for $5 and the most popular gigs on Fiverr include content writing, copy writing, blog writing, video content creation, advertisement creation and so on. Some people also use the Fiverr platform to sell their e-books too.

Now as Fiverr is a marketplace where you gain freelance contracts, how much service you offer for the $5 is completely dependent on you. However, thinking from the perspective of a person who is interested in hiring someone, he/she would mostly prefer someone who offers the most value in terms of service offered for the $5 paid.

Even though each gig listed in Fivver is of $5, you actually get paid only $4 per gig. Which means, Fiverr will charge $1 for every gig that you get. If you have some worthy skills that you wish to market using the Fiverr platform, the $1 charged by Fiverr should not be a big deal.

How to Make Money from Fiverr?

Now that you have a brief yet valuable idea on Fiverr, let’s take you through the different tips that can help you in making money from Fiverr.

  1. Offer Additional Services:

As mentioned in the above section, as a freelancer, you have complete control over how much service you wish to offer for $5. Especially if you are new to Fiverr and wish to gain some traction and popularity in the platform, then the best idea is to sell additional services.

For example, you can create different sort of packages for the same $5. Like, content writers can offer 1000-word articles for $5, provided the person who is hiring you provides you details on the topic and content to be written. Else, you can only provide a 500-word article for $5, wherein all the necessaries of the content will be well-researched and provided by yourself.

The above example can be followed for any service that you offer via Fiverr and the best advantage of the above technique is that you can target multiple buyers for the same type of gig. In the above example of content writing work, people who wish to have less word count but more quality can choose the package of 500-word article and people who wish to have a lengthy article and is ready to provide details on what exactly to write can opt for the other package.

  1. Offer Unique Gigs:

Fiverr is not something new and have been around for many years now. So freelancers especially the newer ones on Fiverr may find it difficult to find people interested in hiring them, as there are already freelancers with a lot of experience on Fiverr who have also got many gigs from Fiverr itself. Therefore, more buyers would turn towards these professional freelancers to get their job done.

If you are interested in being popular on Fiverr really quickly, then the best way to do so is by offering some unique gigs. Unique gigs do not always mean something new but something specific.

For example, if you are someone who creates testimonial videos for $5, you can incorporate some unique techniques that some clients have repeatedly asked for, onto your testimonial videos and hint that while providing the title and description of your gig on Fiverr.

Also, if the unique idea that you are implementing on your work is of great value, you can charge higher for the same as well, thus helping to earn more money from Fiverr gigs.

  1. Maintain a Credible and Optimized Profile:

Having a complete profile on Fiverr is really important. Some people are really lazy that they create a Fiverr account and start offering gigs without actually properly filing their profile details.

Make sure that you have a completely filled profile on Fiverr and that includes all your important details like your work experience, qualification and so on. It is also important to use your real name while creating a profile on Fiverr and also upload a genuine looking good quality profile picture of yourself, as both these factors are really important in improving the credibility factor of your Fiverr profile so as to attract more buyers for your gig.

While you create a gig, make sure of what exactly you are about to offer in your Fiverr gig and be specific and clear while writing down the description of your Fiverr gig. Also, try to create a catchy headline for your gig so as to encourage buyers to check out your gig and never forget to select the correct category and add the right tags so as to catch buyers who are specifically looking for services that you are offering.

Final Words:

The above article on how to make money from Fiverr was written in a very easy to understand way so as to help both newbie freelancers and professionals on Fiverr alike.

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