How To Make Money On Facebook

How To Make Money On Facebook

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On this post you will learn how to make money on facebook in 2017.With Facebook pages you can make money.Just follow our step by step instructions and start making money thru facebook for free.

Being the largest social media network out there, Facebook has its own potential in almost every field that you take. Whether it be politics, education, career or any other field, Facebook is capable of creating an impact, thanks to its huge user base.

Another potential of Facebook with its huge user base and immense popularity, is to let people earn money online by Facebook. But, how to make money from Facebook?

If you too are asking this question, then today we are here with a few different ways on how to make money on Facebook that anyone can try to make money online.Read our article on how to make money online from youtube,Completing paid survey and without paying anything for investment. With these techniques you can earn extra 100$ per day online.


How to Make Money from Facebook?

How To Make Money On Facebook

Below are the various ways to make money from Facebook pages and likes for free.

  1. Create a Facebook Page:

One of the most common and probably the easiest way to make money from Facebook is by creating a Facebook Page.

And you can create a Facebook page of anything you want. Whether it be your own business, website, service, NGO or maybe even of your favorite celebrity. Do note that if you are creating a Facebook Page of an existing person or a company or brand that is not owned or run by you, you should always respect the privacy of the person, brand or company. Make sure to clearly and specifically mention that your Facebook page is not an official one, in order to avoid chances of any privacy infringements.

Always make sure that you stick to any one particular niche while creating a Facebook page. Do not create a Facebook page that posts about everything. For example, if you are about to start a Facebook page on Hollywood, stick to posts that relate to Hollywood only and do not attempt to cover Politics as well.

This way, you will be able to target very specific audience from around the globe. Once your Facebook page becomes popular and starts getting page likes, post likes, comments, and shares, you can then choose to promote a website or a product and earn money as commission.

  1. Sell your Skills via Facebook:

With billions of active users from around the world, Facebook is also the best place to buy and sell almost everything, even your skills. There are Facebook groups and pages that promote buying and selling of services and products that relates to almost any category.

If you have some skills or products that you think people will be interested in buying, then create a Facebook group adding people from your Facebook contacts and also ask them to add their own Facebook contacts as well. In this way, you can not only create an active Facebook group that can help you sell your skills or products but can help others in selling their products or skills as well.

If creating a new Facebook group is not something that you like to do, then a simple search of Facebook regarding buy and sell groups of your desired category will surely give you a lot of options where you can easily join and start making money from Facebook.

  1. Make Money From Facebook Video Ads:

Not too long ago, Facebook launched advertisement on videos posted on Facebook. If you have a Facebook page and if the video content posted on your Facebook page is viewed by a lot of people, then you can easily earn from advertisements on Facebook videos.

If you post a video on your Facebook page and have Facebook Video Ads enabled, then the advertisements will be displayed in between the video before the video gets over, thus ensuring that almost everyone can see the advertisement.

And for each advertisement that a user views in between a video that is posted on to your Facebook page, Facebook will get 45% of the video ad revenue and you get to keep 55% of the revenue earned from the advertisements. This revenue sharing scheme is also similar to what YouTube applies for video advertisements.

  1. Create Facebook Applications:

You might have come across fun applications on Facebook that lets users interact with the application. If you are someone who can develop Facebook applications, then you can develop apps for Facebook and earn from it.

When you develop apps for Facebook, you can display banner advertisements within the Facebook app and get paid for each app user who clicks on the advertisements. Or else, if you are interested in developing some Facebook apps that are games, then you can earn from them as well by including in-game purchases and virtual goods that can be bought in order to achieve a better score within the game or finish off the game quickly.

  1. Affiliate Marketing via Facebook:

You can also do affiliate marketing using Facebook. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money from Facebook.

To be successful in affiliate marketing using Facebook, you require a Facebook page or account that not only has good number of fans, followers or friends but the people your Facebook page or account is connected with should be very engaging.

If you have such a Facebook page or account, then you can earn easily using affiliate marketing. In case you have a Facebook account and not a page, make sure to connect with many people with different interests and likes so as to reach a wider network of people. This way, you will be able to do affiliate marketing of a variety of products.

If you have a Facebook Page, then stick to the niche of your Facebook page while doing affiliate marketing. Or in case you are planning in making a Facebook page solely to promote your affiliate products, create a page on products that offer you maximum profit so that you can get a more targeted audience for high paying affiliate products of yours.

Final Words:

The above article on how to make money on Facebook featured some of the unique and best ways to make money from Facebook.

If you need more help on how to make money from Facebook, leave a comment below raising your queries and we will help answer your queries.

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