Earn Money By Playing Games Without investment

Earn Money By Playing Games Without investment

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Now you can earn money by playing games without investment.Learn how to make passive income by just playing gaming.

Do you want to make money from the game? If yes this article is entirely dedicated to you.If Gaming is your passion, then you should read this post.On this post, you will learn how to turn your gaming passion into profits.From kids to old everyone loves to play the game.But do you know you can make money from gaming? If yes, please share how you make money from gaming in the comment section below. We love to hear your gaming success story.We feature your gaming success story on our blog.If you don’t know how to make money from gaming, do not worry we will guide you on how to make completely passive autopilot income from gaming.Now you can enjoy playing the game as well as make money from it.

How to make money from gaming
This money making tactics is completely new, and everyone can do this.An Even complete beginner who never made any money online can try this to make his first income online.These methods are not any scam program or loophole or any other shady money-making tactics.These methods are completely legitimate methods to make money from gaming.
We request you to take your notepad, pen or any other device you take notes and note down the points we discuss here.You can bookmark this page for offline reading and also please subscribe to our newsletter program to get access to new contents.
Please note that this method is entirely different from the traditional methods of business.You don’t need to have an office, employee for this business. You just need decent gaming pc and stable internet connection.We recommended you to have very good gaming pc with good HD graphics card. This business doesn’t require massive investment to start.You can try this gaming business with minimum $100 investment.You can even don’t need any money you can start this for free.Yes, We are not kidding this is real, and many people around the world are making money from gaming.This is the biggest advantage of the online business.You don’t have to follow your boss order.You are your own boss.No, fix working hours you can work whenever you want.You can work from your home, coffee shop, park or anywhere in the world.As long as you have your laptop and internet connection you are ready to make money.
Okay, Without taking further ado. Let us start by explaining you to this methods.You can try any of this method to make money from gaming, or you can try all these methods.The final choice is yours.We recommend you to start with one method first if you are a complete beginner. Once you completely learn that method, you can try out other methods.If you are a professional or experienced gamer and if you have experience of online marketing then you can try all of them.

earn money by playing games without investment
1>Gaming Youtube Channel-
Have you ever search your favorite game on youtube? If yes, you are already familiar with this method.We already wrote articles money on how to make passive income from youtube.How to make full time income from google.
Whenever any game launch people search game trailer on youtube, people also search how to unblock game level, how to get more points, how to hack game level and other stuff.
If you good at gaming and then you can record your game video.Just record how you pass the difficult game level and upload it youtube.People will watch your video to learn how to unblock the game, how to get more points.
To start gaming channel, you need to have an account on youtube.Sign up on youtube with your email.Click on create new channel button.Decide any attractive name for your gaming channel like game ninja,gamer360, progamer anything you like just keep it attractive.
Design good cover image for your gaming channel.You can hire someone from Fiverr to design a cover image for you.You can get this all for 5$.You can set any game images for your cover photo.
The main thing here is to keep your channel attractive and professional.
You need video recorder software to record your gaming video.You can search on the internet for gaming software.You will find many free and paid video recorder software.If you don’t have a budget to buy paid video recorder software, then you can try the free one. You can even record video from your smartphone but make sure video quality is good.
Once you record your game you need to upload it on youtube.Upload your videos on youtube with proper attractive title name and description.You can also add a call to action on your video.
Now here comes the crucial part you need a youtube adsense.Before applying for youtube Adsense make sure you have uploaded some videos on your channel.It may take one week for AdSense approval.Once you get Adsense approval, you are ready to make money from your youtube channel.
Just integrate ad code in your channel and make money.You can search on the internet on how to monetize youtube with Adsense.
If your videos are good, then you will get more and more views to your channel.People will like your channel, subscribe your channel.
More views you get more money you make as simple as thoat.

2>Gaming Blog-
This is the second method to make money from your gaming passion.This is the second easy way to make money from gaming.
You can start your gaming blog where you can put articles related to upcoming gaming launch, popular games in 2017, top android games, top pc games, top iPhone games, gaming tips tricks.
People love to read gaming information.Monetize your gaming website with AdSense, media.net, infolinks or any other ad network.
For starting gaming website, you need a domain name.You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy, Namecheap or any other domain registrar.You can buy your .com domain name within 15$.
You need hosting service to host your gaming website.You can try Bluehost, Hostgator hosting.It will only cost you less than 5$.Serch on the internet how to start WordPress site.You can find many tutorials on how to make WordPress site.
These are the top two methods to make money from gaming.These are very simple methods to make money online, and the best part is that you can try these methods with less than $100.

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