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How to make money from your pet?

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There are many of us all around the world who wants to make a bit of extra money on the side for some obvious reasons. But very few of us actually know that you can make money from your pet, as well. We actually live in a fairly pet-obsessed world and the Internet is the perfect place to show off your favorite companion to the whole world. Apart from online, there are offline ways for you to make make money from your pet too and you can actually turn your beloved dog into a money making venture?

Understanding the social media and taking advantage of it.

Living in the 21st century where digital marketing has widespread, if you actually understand the social media, you can make money easily. There is a national obsession wet pets nowadays, which is the exact thing you are going to take advantage of. There are a lot of people who love looking at images of pets which are basically too cute. Following social media accounts which are clearly dedicated to pets, is a common thing nowadays. They can gain a lot of popularity for relatively little content which is the best part. There are many accounts of pets who have over 1.5M followers.

Once you have gained too many followers, you can start thinking over which process you should choose in order to make money from the number of people engaged in the account. You can’t typically earn money from Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram directly but those are only used for gaining popularity and then using it in order to make money. There is actually a very wide range of money-making techniques, once your pet famous on social media.

For example, the owner of a social media account of Boo gained many followers. After that, he opened up a website which sells stuffed animal versions of the dog which are too cute for you to ignore.

Something similar happened with a dog named Tuna who had over 1.8 million followers. A range of merchandise was created and sold in a dedicated website and it earned the owner a handsome amount of money. When you are popular in the social media, opportunities come your way easier. Sponsorship options and even job opportunities are something you will get very frequently which would help you to make money from your which would help you to make money from your pet.

Ways to make money from your pet via social media

how to make money from dog

1. Wide range of merchandise

When your pet is famous on social media, you can make a wide range of merchandise available on your own website which should be related to your pet. For example, if your dog’s social media account has gone viral, you can make a wide range of stuffed toys which resemble a lot to your dog and ask people to visit your website in order to buy it. Of course, you will make money from your pet when somebody buys your product but on the other hand, you can also make money via ad revenues, based on the number of clicks on your website

2. Sponsored posts

This is one of the most common ways of making money from your pet, lately. The money you will receive is going to be a flat fee for just a posting or even, paid per sale. It can also be tracked by a special landing page on the website or through discount codes and you will be paid commission as per the number of people who is going to buy the products after being referred by you.

3. Shoutouts

If there are aspiring people who want to promote their pets as well, on your instagram or any other social media profile and they are ready to pay for it, these are called paid shoutouts. This will help the aspiring person to gain followers in their account, directed by your account, and will help you earn some money from them.

How to gain followers on social media?

Gaining followers in social media is not going to be an overnight strategy. No man can actually make big bucks overnight and that is exactly why you should learn to never give up and keep working hard. You might not get the desired number of followers at first, but if you work really hard at it, you can eventually make money from your pet.

1. Focus on the image quality

What your dog looks like isn’t going to stand out on its own until you focus on the image quality. Think about it, which Instagram account would you follow- an account which posts high quality pictures and makes the pet look absolutely awesome or an account which randomly captures pictures of the pet and posts it without even thinking twice about the quality. Of course, you will choose the first one and now that you know the importance of image quality, try to post as high quality pictures as possible.

2. Be unusually funny

If you have a dog which is truly unique, you already have a special advantage but if you don’t, no worries. Everybody can have their funny moments and they definitely know how to make you smile. Wouldn’t it be better if you make the whole world smile showing off their activities? Trust me, that’s exactly what is going to bring you more followers.

3. Stay active

The more you are active with your social media profile, the more you are engaging audience and that is going to help you in the future when you open a website to sell your merchandise or for sponsorship purposes. Staying active is one of the keys to success.

4. Take full advantage of success

If your pet has become popular on the social media, it does not earn you money directly. You have to convert that popularity into an income opportunity to take full advantage of your pet’s profile’s success. It would be better if we could take chances for income ourselves so that we can customize everything without needing a helping hand. You have to portray your for sponsorship deals as well otherwise companies will come and go without even realizing you are open for sponsorship. With popularity, comes great responsibilities.

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