Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

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In countries like USA, credit cards were already used in plenty and were in the hands of majority of the people. On the other hand, the usefulness of a credit card is now understood by everyone all around the world and that is the reason why credit card users are increasing every single day, all across the world. But when it comes to credit cards, there are many options available out there which you have to choose between for your perfect use. That is when the concept of no foreign transaction fee credit cards come.

No foreign transaction fee credit cards are one kind of credit cards which is very useful for people who does not like to carry cash and wants to make card payments and even when they are not in their own country. Moreover, travel credit cards and even the normal credit cards give you so many offers and gets to you the best deals for your globetrotting experience with your favorite companions.

No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

Around the world, there are many no foreign transaction fee credit cards with $0 foreign transactions fees and it is not very difficult for you to find the perfect card according to your necessities and preferences.

Who should take no foreign transaction fee credit cards?

Anyone who considers himself to be a world traveler and who loves to travel in foreign cities should have no foreign transaction fee credit cards. This is actually a special type of credit card which is dedicated for no foreign transaction fees. Otherwise, there are many credit cards in the market which cost you so much of foreign transaction fees that you can’t even think about. So, isn’t this better if you love to do foreign transactions? Of course, it is.

Obviously, no foreign transaction fee credit cards globally accepted and one of the most secure spending options for those abroad. Moreover, if you would like to keep the credit card you have been using in your home country, even though you have left the country and now live in a foreign country, it is better if you don’t pay any transaction fee while making credit card payments. Both at home and at overseas, the members having the credit card, called cardmembers benefit from 2X points on travel as well as restaurants worldwide and 1X points on other transactions. If you are looking to earn some really valuable points which can be used/redeemed later on for getting many exciting offers, this should be the perfect category of cards for you.

How to use it and the rewards and benefits you get

  1. There are some great card companies which even offer 1X points per $1 spent on most purchases. This is the reason why you should always carry your credit card and make as many transactions as possible. The more the points, the more beneficial it is to you while making further transactions.
  1. If you are eating out and dining at restaurants worldwide, congratulations. You will get 2X points if you use credit card for the payment. The best part is its awesome versatility.
  1. Use it as soon as possible because the card members can earn 50000 points after spending $4,000 in purchases done by the credit card within the first three months.
  1. The more you travel, the more points you get. You will get 25% more per point when redeeming points for travel. Many card companies have many different offers for many different travel companies and sometimes, there are some great offers. Office like free transport and hotel costs are something which entices the people to buy and transact via credit cards.

Who can avail no foreign transaction fee credit cards?

Credit cards with no foreign transaction fee are available to people of all credit levels and is something which every other person who is fond of travelling from country to country should have. It’s sure that most of the credit cards charge high foreign transaction fee but no foreign transaction fee credit cards also exist and those are not even that difficult to get. The fact however is that, there are many countries which have not yet started issuing no foreign transaction fee credit cards and it is not as widespread as all kind of credit cards. While digital marketing is at hike and everybody is wanting to make online payments, credit cards became a must have but people who often have to move from country to country must have no foreign transaction fee credit cards.

As the credit card acceptance is continuing to grow globally, if you have the right credit card for yourself (understanding the benefits and the features), you might just be one of the luckiest men. Having the right credit card makes you use it globally and can maximize your purchasing options abroad. It is indeed very beneficial.

Important characteristics of no foreign fee transaction credit cards

  1. First of all, obviously the credit cards will not charge any transaction fee whether you are doing the transaction inside your own country or in any other country. This is a most important part of these kind of credit cards, as the name suggests.
  1. Bonus points for categories you spent most on intentionally. For most of the people all around the world, it is the travel expenses (airline tickets, hotels, train tickets, taxis and many more).
  1. Chip and pin technology in the credit cards which is still a necessity at certain automated vendors.

Choose the perfect credit card for yourself

  1. There are many credit cards which offer no foreign transaction fee and it is your responsibility to figure out the perfect credit card for yourself as per your usage.
  1. After you have selected the credit card as per your uses, you should check if the credit card is accepted globally or not. Chances are, if it is one of the no foreign transaction fee credit cards, it will be accepted globally but just in case, you should check its acceptance thoroughly.
  1. The maximum usability of a credit card is determined by the EMV chip. It is a Security Technology that has recently gained significant acceptance in the United States but is not that widespread yet.
  1. Look for useful travel benefits for making the no foreign transaction fee credit cards, travel cards also. Perks like these are definitely the reason for the increasing credit card issues:
  2. Trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  3. Trip delay reimbursement
  4. 24/7 concierge services
  5. Lost luggage reimbursement
  6. Car rental theft and collision coverage
  7. Baggage delay insurance
  8. Roadside assistance
  9. 24/7 customer service

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