How To Start App business

How To Start App business And Make Full Time Income From Your App

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Hi, welcome guys, nice to see you on this post we are talking about how to start successful app business.This post is mainly about how to build an app, how to make money from your app and how to sell your app for higher profit.
Why to start app business?
As you know, internet industry is growing fast.Many people make millions from the internet.Most of the people in the world use smartphone.Everyone loves to try the latest app on their phone.People download apps from the play store and install it.Million of apps available for download on google play store.People download whatever app they want from play store and use it.
Online business gives you more freedom and money than dull offline business like real estate business .You can work from anywhere, anytime.You don’t need to follow the boss order.You can do whatever you want, whenever you want with the online business.
Take a look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tinder app and many other successful apps.Their owner is now making millions of dollars.What they do is they build an app that people love and makes money out of it.

How To Start App Business
App business is the best business you can do this year and next few years.Try your hands on app business now and make a full-time income.This business doesn’t need thousands of dollars investment.You can start your app business with less than $1000.You just need laptop or desktop pc, internet connection, passion for working on your own business.
As per recent research, there are more than 3 million apps are on the google play store, and these numbers are increasing.2.2 million apps are currently available on the apple app store.
Here are the top ten android apps of 2017.As you can see, there are millions of user use this app on their phone.This app now makes millions of dollars per month, and they invest only thousands of dollar to build and market the app.As you can see this is the massive return of investment you can get.
Now on this post, you will get information on app business.App business can change your and your family life.
We provide you step by step guide on how to build and run app business.Please don’t miss any of the steps.These steps are connected to each other.You need to do each step correctly to build a successful app.
We are recommended you to take notes from this post and learn it.
Okay, so let’s start with our actual step by step guide on building apps.
1>Finding app idea
This is the first step of app business.You need to find your app idea.You can take help from internet to find app idea.Ask on Quora what kind of app people like to use.You need to understand 2 “PP” of app business: Passion and Problem.Any company is based on two main things, i.e., problem and passion.
Develop an app that solves people problem.An app like youcam,IMO,shareit, mint, expense manager and others solve the problem that people faces every day.
Develop app based on passion like build chat application, social networking app, music player app.
Search on play store to find app idea, look how many apps install they received, check their rating.Look for an opportunity to improve the old app with new features.You can ask people what kind of app they want, what types of improvement they need in app.
Compare apps in Apple app store and Android app.Check if any popular Android app is available on apple app store or not.If you find any popular Android app that is not available for iphone, then you can use this idea to build the iPhone app.Same you can do with iPhone app.look any popular iPhone app on app store check if same types of app present on play store or not.If the app is not available on the play store, then you can use this iPhone app idea to build an Android version of that app.
You can look on youtube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram for an app idea.You can search on GitHub, Reddit, quora for the app idea.
Now take your pen and write down top ten ideas you have in your mind.Read our post on best small business ideas.

How To Start App Business
2>Developing app-
Developing app is the second step of app business.Remember ‘ideas are shit, execution is the game.’ Your ideas are shit until you work on them and execute your idea.No matter what kind of app idea you have don’t waste your time on overthinking.
Take your laptop and start building your app.
If you have coding experience, then you can easily build your app.If you want to learn to code then learn how to code from google, youtube, udemy, Lynda.
If you don’t like coding, then don’t worry. Still, you can build your app.There are many online  app designing platforms like bubble, pixate, treeline that helps you to develop your app without any coding experience.If you have a budget, then you can hire a professional developer to build an app for you.Learn email marketing to promote your app.
3>Monetize your app
This step is the third significant step of creating a successful app.Decide what kind of app you want to build.Free app or paid app.If you are making free app, then you can monetize your app with app monetization program like admob.
You can build membership type of app in which user have to membership fee to use the app.
Good monetization is crucial because it will help you to make money so please carefully select your revenue model carefully.
You can launch your free app with limited features.For more advanced features you need to pay money.
4>Marketing your app:
This step is the 4th most crucial step in the app business.No matter how good is your if you don’t know how to market your app, then it is entirely waste of time and money.
What if you build a perfect app with zero marketing budget.No one knows about your app.All your effort goes into waste if your app doesn’t reach to people.
Use Facebook ads, adword ads, Instagram, twitter apps to market your app.If you have a budget, then you can hire an expert marketer to promote your app.
These are the four most important steps in running successful app business.If you are interested in starting online business, then please read this articles how to start successful online business, how to make passive income from Fiverr, how to make money on Youtube, amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram.Now build your app business and travel the world

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